Lynette Nicole Betancur Studio

Lynette Nicole Betancur

Lynette Nicole Betancur (b. 1994) is a second-generation Colombian-American artist & designer. Lynette spent her formative years in Reno, Nevada, where she was born, and the rest of her youth in San Francisco, California where she still resides.

Lynette primarily uses clay to create sculptures through a hand-built coil process, which encourages more slow-paced movements—this process has become a ritual for grounding. Her sculptures are developed through an intuitive process that is influenced by changes in light, shifting landscapes, the movement of the body, and a drawing practice. Lynette’s forms all have a relationship to one another, creating a dance, a give, and a take.

Lynette’s sculptures are reminiscent of organic expressions, surrounding environments, and lived experiences. Texture and movement are components Lynette mindfully accentuates throughout her work. She is drawn to curvaceous, asymmetrical silhouettes, and the way light and shadow interact simultaneously and habitual.